Fan Films Worth Watching

One of my many nerdy pastimes is watching fan films on YouTube.  Some of them are ridiculous and not worth the time, but some of them are really cool.  Below are some of the best that I’ve found.

Batman: Puppet Master

I watch a lot of Batman videos, and sift through Batman fan films every so often.  This is really the only one that sticks out in my mind as being superb, but it sticks out quite emphatically.  The Riddler is the main villain in this one, and he’s so good I wish they’d call him up for the next stand-alone Batman film.  The Batman in this one isn’t the best I’ve seen, but he isn’t the worst either.  They do some cool gadget stuff I haven’t seen before, and the plot is weaved far too good for a fan film.  In a word, fantastic.

Star Wars – The Dark Redemption

This is a very good Star Wars fan film that functions as essentially a prequel featuring Mara Jade.  The girl that plays her does an excellent job, and even looks remarkably like her.  It even features some CGI technology, which makes it feel a little bit less like a fan film.  It has the feel of the original trilogy also, which makes it far more convincing.

Mario Warfare

Converting video games to live-action videos can be hokey and pathetic.  This isn’t.  It’s a really cool live-action conversion of the Mario universe, and keeps the humorous flavor we’d expect from a Mario film.  It’s more of a series, with four installments so far, so it doesn’t have an ending just yet, but it keeps getting better with each installment.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fanfilm – Fight the Foot

Trouble is afoot.

Yeah, I know.  I had to say it.

My only real complaint about this one is that it’s too short.  It’s only three minutes, which is enough time for a really cool intro scene, but we only get to see one of the turtles.  That said, it’s done really well, and they managed to not make Raphael look near as corny as he normally would.


Logan Judy
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