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I like fan films, but they take a lot of time and effort and are easily messed up, so there aren’t very many good ones out there.  There are, however, some good fan trailers, and I’ve picked my favorites.

Star Wars Episode VII

There are probably more Star Wars Episode VII trailers than cat videos on YouTube right now.  Seriously.  It’s ridiculous.  Most of them aren’t very good, mostly because they lack focal heroes and villains.  This one is different.  It starts with a focal villain (Darth Malgus, who was in the Star Wars The Old Republic video game.  Technically he predates the prequel trilogy, but you have to use existing footage for a fan trailer, and it worked out pretty well).  I really like the voice-over by Harrison Ford, and seeing the original three pop up in a pretty believable fashion was pretty cool.  Granted, the original three probably won’t be the main characters, but it’s a cool trailer nonetheless.

Avengers 2 (with Spider-Man)

My biggest complaint about the Avengers cinematic universe is that Spidey can never be a part of it, due to Spider-Man’s film rights not belonging with the rest of Marvel at Disney.  That breaks my heart, seeing as Spider-Man is one of the best (if not the best) Avengers.  Someone felt my pain and took the time to cleverly place Spider-Man in scenes with The Avengers, and made a pretty cool Avengers 2 trailer with Spider-Man in the mix.


It takes some imagination to make trailers for upcoming films.  It takes even more imagination to make a trailer for a movie that hasn’t even been announced, with an actress that has never done a movie like it.  I probably would have chosen a different actress than Amber Heard (who is mostly in films that Christians shouldn’t watch.  I haven’t seen Paranoia yet, so perhaps I should hold my judgment on that), but the maker of this trailer makes it work extremely well.  The only problem is that there’s a disconnect between the realism of Heard’s clips and the obvious 80s brightness in the clips taken from the old Supergirl movie.  It’s still impressive though.

Justice League

This video took a really creative approach, using Ra’s al Ghul’s “become more than just a man” speech from Batman Begins and making it the inspiring voice-over for the prospective film.  It features Henry Cavill’s Superman, Christian Bale’s Batman, Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern, and some chick as Wonder Woman.  I do wish that it included The Flash, but it would have been pretty hard to do that, considering there probably isn’t any non-animated footage to draw from.  Still, pretty cool stuff, and it makes me excited about the possibility of a Justice League film, which is supposedly in the works.

Terminator 5

I have mixed feelings about the Terminator series.  Even with ClearPlay to remove the sexual content, the original three movies have mostly the same plot, which gets kind of old.  They still have cool parts, though, and I did think Terminator: Salvation was excellent.  This video does a good job of drawing off of where Salvation left off, and is a good indicator of the direction I think the franchise should go.

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