Brian Godawa on “Silence” and “The Shack”

I’m blessed to be a co-host on the A Clear Lens podcast, alongside Nate Sala and Gene Gosewehr (also of Reel World Theology, and occasional CER guest writer).  In the latest episode of the podcast, we talk about whether or not Christians should see The Shack, and the theological challenges (and missteps) of Martin Scorcese’s Silence.

I have many reasons for sharing this.  Brian Godawa is a screenwriter (most notably of the Kiefer Sutherland film To End All Wars), as well as the author of Hollywood WorldviewsGod Against the Gods, and multiple fiction books, including the recently released Tyrant: Rise of the Beast, which is based on the book of Revelation.  He understands story and worldview, and the way he analyzes both of these films, especially Silence, highlights the ability to engage as a Christian with a film you may disagree with, and being able to acknowledge the things you can learn from, without just accepting the bad theology.

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Logan Judy
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