Attack on Titan: Vol. 6

The Attack on Titan series had, in its inception, a great deal of thematic depth.  The titans can be seen to represent sin, and particularly with Eren’s ability to become a titan, the idea of mankind as being the very monsters they fight has a lot to say about morality and humanity.  Unfortunately, by volume six, the series has started to rely on that initial setup as a crutch, and fails to add new intrigue to the story.

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Metropolis (1927): Class and Compassion

Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, hailed as one of the most important films of the early twentieth century, is a groundbreaking science fiction film, and strangely relevant to a twenty-first century audience.  Its dystopian leanings and exploration of artificial intelligence explore science fiction tropes that are as present in the genre today as ever.  But perhaps the most noteworthy thing about it isn’t just its relevance, but that it is seeped in religious imagery.

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