Can Christians Watch Depictions of God? – A Response to Tim Challies

Christians of various shades throughout the years have raised questions about whether watching films that portray God constitutes a violation of the Second Commandment.  Those Christians certainly have their hearts in the right place, but to view film as a violation of the commandment betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of the spirit of the commandment itself.

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5 Lessons from ‘Reading Between the Lines’ by Gene Veith Jr.

I recently finished the book Reading Between the Lines by Gene Veith Jr.  In simple terms, it was probably the most insightful book on literature by a Christian that I have ever read.  I want you to read the book for yourself, but first, I’d like to sure five of my favorite quotes from the book, and why I think they’re just as important now as when the book was written 25 years ago.

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