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What Exactly Does “Cross Culture” Mean?

I started this website in 2013.  That’s been four years ago now.  There’s an old saying that you never step in the same river twice.  In a way, I feel like this is an apt analogy for where I’ve been with regards to Christianity and culture – as I’ve met more people and been introduced to more perspectives, my own perspective has changed.  So has my focus, and the focus of Christian Entertainment Reviews.

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Brian Godawa on “Silence” and “The Shack”

I’m blessed to be a co-host on the A Clear Lens podcast, alongside Nate Sala and Gene Gosewehr (also of Reel World Theology, and occasional CER guest writer).  In the latest episode of the podcast, we talk about whether or not Christians should see The Shack, and the theological challenges (and missteps) of Martin Scorcese’s Silence.

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