Heroes, Brave New Dawn: Chapter 2


In a high-rise apartment in New York City, a beautiful young woman stares outside of the window with a grim expression on her face.  She carries a burden.  The burden of the brave new world upon her shoulders.  Because she was the one that had the guts to jump off of a Ferris wheel.  She didn’t know that there would be an attempt made on her life the same day.  Or that scientists would attempt to kidnap her so that they could study her.  Or that world leaders would call for her head to be delivered up on a platter.  She just wanted to stop hiding.  To stop running.  To stop being ashamed of who she truly was.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

She had been safe staying in New York with Peter, but then it started happening.  It was like his body was remembering all of the powers that he had lost, but without any control.  One night he burst into flames in the middle of the night, and would have burnt the apartment to the ground had Claire not grabbed the fire extinguisher.  Another night he turned invisible in the middle of the night and Claire began to panic when she couldn’t see him the next day.  He didn’t reappear for two days.  Claire had never been so glad to see a face with a voice.

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Heroes, Brave New Dawn: Chapter 1



Reporters crowded each other and pushed to the front, trying to get the best angle.  Camera flashes blinded spectators from every angle, making causing Gabriel to come outside of the tent.  He squinted his eyes, trying to figure out from a distance what was happening.  Peter joined him and they walked closer to investigate.

“What happened?”

“Is she dead?”

“I can’t believe she did it.”

“Call an ambulance!”


Through the crowd, Gabriel saw her head pop up as she stood.


“My name is Claire Bennett, and that was attempt number…I guess I’ve kind of lost count.”

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Heroes, Brave New Dawn: Prologue

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, and the plot elements of this story are largely adapted from previous Heroes episodes.  This story is meant for entertainment purposes only, and this disclaimer applies to every segment of the “Brave New Dawn” story.


A middle-aged man with a touch of gray in his brown head of hair waits in a dark alley.  He fidgets nervously while looking for a mysterious friend to show.  He taps his thighs relentlessly and listens to the dripping of the leaky water line coming from the building behind him.  Occasionally a pedestrian or two passes, but no one gives him a second look.

A dark hooded figure walks down the alley and stops in front of him.  His ruffled black hair shines in the moonlight and he looks with suspicion on his friend.

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