Attack on Titan: Vol. 6

The Attack on Titan series had, in its inception, a great deal of thematic depth.  The titans can be seen to represent sin, and particularly with Eren’s ability to become a titan, the idea of mankind as being the very monsters they fight has a lot to say about morality and humanity.  Unfortunately, by volume six, the series has started to rely on that initial setup as a crutch, and fails to add new intrigue to the story.

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Dragon Ball Manga Review


The Shonen Jump classic Dragon Ball has garnered what is probably the biggest fanfare of any manga series to date.  It became one of the most successful anime series of time, produced an enormous fan culture on sites such as Facebook and Tumblr, and even sparked discussions on what would happen if Goku faced off against Superman.  So I decided to take a look at the source material to see if it would be a good read.

I was highly disappointed.

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