‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Brings New Force to the Franchise

In just one short week, director Rian Johnson has taken his new Star Wars film from one of the most highly anticipated films in the saga to one of the most divisive.  In so doing, he has created a bold and original take on the franchise, one that sees a return to the original film’s roots in some important thematic ways.

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Thor: Ragnarok and the Refugee Spirit

Thor: Ragnarok has a gained a stronger hold in the affections of Marvel fans than previous Thor films.  This is largely due to its Guardians-esque sense of humor and absurdity, as well as its neon color palette and “buddy cops in space” vibe with the Hulk.  This is all true, and the film is an absolute blast; it also includes some interesting thoughts, though admittedly secondary, on how the Asgardians as immigrants or refugees draw their identity while disconnected from their homeland.

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