How Stranger Things Endorses a Christian Worldview

The horror genre is all too often a canvas for graphic depictions of evil with no redeeming qualities.  But the horror-influenced Netflix original Stranger Things uses those frightening elements to a greater purpose.  Few stories with these elements use them to such great effect, in a way that makes it not only a fantastic story, but also in a way that, implicitly, leads us closer to a Christian worldview.

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War & Peace Poster

War & Peace (2016)

BBC has a thing for adapting classical stories.  British culture generally speaking does too, and understandably so – Jane Austen’s wit sounds much more refined with an English accent.  But beyond the curious oddity of English actors playing Russian characters who speak French, this adaptation, perhaps like its source material, is something of a mixed bag.

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Review: Shades of Blue

With Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta starring, and Ryan Seacrest as producing, this new cop drama is more than just a bad pun. But then again, it’s not much of a cop drama – at least not in the way we usually think of that genre.  The formulaic structure of shows like CSIWithout a Trace, or even the beloved NCIS have little to do with this story.  In fact it’s not even about cops catching bad guys – unless you count other cops, that is.

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