Review: Shades of Blue

With Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta starring, and Ryan Seacrest as producing, this new cop drama is more than just a bad pun. But then again, it’s not much of a cop drama – at least not in the way we usually think of that genre.  The formulaic structure of shows like CSIWithout a Trace, or even the beloved NCIS have little to do with this story.  In fact it’s not even about cops catching bad guys – unless you count other cops, that is.

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Boyhood: The Novelty Fades

The acoustic intro to Coldplay’s “Yellow” plays out over a cloudy, blue sky. The distinct, cartoon images of Pokemon fling themselves across a 13-inch television. An argument between a young, single mother and her boyfriend rage on as her two children watch around the corner.

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“It’s Not Porn; It’s a Movie!”


Warning: This post contains discussion of mature themes.

I’ve been wanting to write about the problem of pornography in our modern day world for a while now.  Why, you ask?  Why here?  Well, true, this is an entertainment blog.  That’s exactly why it needs to be addressed here.  Because pornography isn’t just on dirty websites.  It’s in books.  It’s in graphic novels.  It’s in movies.  It’s in TV shows.  It’s just not called that.

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VidAngel Service Review


I like movies.  I like watching them, discussing them, writing about them, and reading about them.  Unfortunately, many otherwise great films have been ruined by unnecessary sex scenes and an exorbitant amount of profanities. Fortunately, there are some services that help with that.  ClearPlay is one of those services, but it requires a DVD, which with the coming death of the video rental store, typically means either buying it or borrowing it from a friend.  There is, however, a service that will allow you to rent a filtered movie: VidAngel.  I recently tried it out, and this is a review of my experience.

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Should Christians Watch War Movies?


Today is Memorial Day.  That means a lot of things to Americans, most of them smothered in ketchup and mustard.  We tend to forget what the day is really about.  I’ve not personally known someone who’s died in a war, but my father, father-in-law, and one of my brothers-in-law are veterans, so from them I have some level of appreciation for what soldiers go through, even though I admit that my impression likely doesn’t grasp the gravity of it.  It’s their sacrifices that brought a question to my mind: should Christians reject war movies, some of which have themes of sacrifice and heroism, based only on their violent content?

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