Why The Librarians is Good for Modern Television

After The Librarians‘ inaugural season, I had my doubts about whether the show would be worth exploring any further. Sure, it showed potential, but in my opinion it seemed a bit too flat at times. However, I’d decided that if a second season was launched, I’d try to be open minded. I’m pretty happy with that decision, because so far, I’ve been pleasantly surprised.
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The Librarians: Does it Deserve a Second Season?

When I first realized that The Librarians television series would be based on the TNT original movies starring Noah Wyle, I became genuinely excited. I’d been hoping for a while that the adventures of The Librarian would be revisited, because the movies are so enjoyable and creative and Flynn Carsen is such an intriguing character that I was convinced that there remained a lot of untapped potential. I thought, “Well, it’s about time!” – there hadn’t been a new Librarian adventure since 2008. After experiencing the first two episodes of the new series, The Crown of King Arthur and The Sword in the Stone, it seemed like TNT might be on to something. But following the show’s two hour premiere, has it lived up to expectations?

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