Will ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Be Worth Watching?

The following is the second of a series of posts previewing the plethora of comic book movies to come over the next few years.  The first post in the series, previewing Ant-Man, can be found here.

Interest in the second Avengers film began nearly as soon as fans left the theater from the first film.  What would the next one be about?  What new Avengers would be in it?  Who would the villain be?  Those questions permeated the web and fans waited in earnest, hoping desperately for new information.

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Will Ant-Man Be Worth Watching?

I was recently looking at a list of anticipated films for 2015 in preparation for a list that the writers here at Christian Entertainment Reviews will be posting soon.  There were several films I was excited about, such as the new Star Wars film, the second Avengers movie, and even a movie about Phillipe Petit, who spontaneously walked a tightrope between the Twin Towers in the 1970’s.  But as I was looking down the list, I had a revelation.

Oh yeah!  Ant-Man is coming out this year, too!

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Spider-Verse, Part 2: The Right Side Doesn’t Make You a Good Man

The Amazing Spider-Man (2014-) #10

If you browse the superhero genre casually, you might think that anyone with superpowers qualifies as a superhero.  For that matter, you may not even need powers; all you need is a suit, a name, and something cool that gives you the ability to fight baddies, and then people adore you, right?  Well, it’s not all that simple.  Just because you’re the one fighting bad guys, that doesn’t necessarily make you any better than them.

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