Lucy: Darwin Explains Star Wars

As far as college girls go, Lucy’s pretty normal.  She loves her parents, loves studying abroad, and she loves to party.  She’s not so sure she loves Richard, however, and she trusts him even less.  And she may not be brightest chick on the block, but she has enough smarts to know that delivering a mystery briefcase for $1000 is sketchy.  But then he handcuffs her to the case, leaving her with no choice but to go forward.  Before she knows it, she’s thrown headfirst into a drug and human trafficking ring, forced to travel with a pouch of drugs in her stomach.  Things get even more complicated when it bursts, and it unlocks the hidden power of her brain, power that makes her . . . well, something of an evolutionary jedi.

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Batman Begins

batman_begins_2-wallpaper-1600x900-1After a long and torturous string of slanderous adaptations that included three actors in four movies and the infamous nipples on the Batsuit in movie number four, the caped crusader finally got a well-deserved fresh start in 2005 with Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins.

The outcome, while overlooked in light of its earth-shattering successors, redefined Batman for the next generation, and presents the most Biblical worldview of perhaps all film adaptations of America’s comic book champions.

Allow me to explain.

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