Hook: A Father Called to Arms

As I watched the movie Hook for about the umpteenth time, I was struck with a surprising revelation: whether intended or not, this film issues a challenge to all fathers to really step up to the plate for their families and be men. In a politically correct culture that attempts (and in many ways succeeds) to emasculate its males at every turn, that is something truly worth cherishing.

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Be Careful Who You Idolize, Including Robin Williams


Every time a celebrity dies, whether or not it’s in tragic circumstances, social media blows up.  Everyone is struck by instant grief and mourning for this person that they’d never met, and launch into flowery eulogies about how the actor or musician made such an incredible impact on their life.  True to form, it seems that everyone on the internet, including Christians, have nothing but words befitting an angel for Robin Williams.  But I will venture to say that this is not particularly wise.  In fact, it’s incredibly foolish.

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As much as we have tended as a culture to love stories about people in places of royalty, we also love stories about the poor and the downtrodden.  We can relate to them, to a certain extent, and when we see them succeed, it tells us that we can succeed as well.  So naturally, Disney decided in 1992 to combine both of these elements in Aladdin.

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