Doctor Who, S10: Redemption Overshadowed by Identity Politics

The beloved British television show Doctor Who is approaching a landmark era of change.  It’s the last season for lead Peter Capaldi, as well as the last season for showrunner Steven Moffat.  But even as Capaldi’s Doctor becomes comfortable with viewing himself as the good guy, and produces some great commentary on true heroism, the show also devolves into socially progressive virtue signaling, and box checking.

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Doctor Who: What to See in Series 8


It’s unavoidable.  The dreaded comparison.  Whenever a new Doctor comes to town, he must be compared to the generations before him.  Every time I hear someone talk about how they don’t like Matt Smith (which is, admittedly somewhat rare), it’s always about how he’s childish or annoying compared to David Tennant.  People who don’t like any of the new Doctors seem to always compare them to Tom Baker.  But I’m not going to take part in the comparison game, and here’s why.

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