Paths of Glory: Virtue in the Face of Consequence

Few movies affect me on an emotional level enough to stop and re-evaluate my own perspective in life. One of those films, is Stanley Kubrick’s Paths of Glory. In life we try to justify what is fair through our own virtues. It’s is how we face the conequences of our actions that defines our integrity. In just eighty seven minutes, Kubrick tackles the topic of situational ethics and facing unfair consequences with perfection through the eyes of French soldiers in World War One.

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Podcast #1: Should Christians Watch Horror Films?

We’re proud to introduce to you the Cross Culture Podcast!

Logan talks with Nate Sala of A Clear Lens about whether and how Christians should engage with the horror genre.  Logan also gives brief reviews of Suburbicon, Loving Vincent, and Stranger Things Season Two, as well as some Bible talk from Philippians 4:8.


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Nate Sala: A Clear Lens / Facebook / Twitter


Suburbicon Review

Loving Vincent Review

Stranger Things Season One Review


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How Stranger Things Endorses a Christian Worldview

The horror genre is all too often a canvas for graphic depictions of evil with no redeeming qualities.  But the horror-influenced Netflix original Stranger Things uses those frightening elements to a greater purpose.  Few stories with these elements use them to such great effect, in a way that makes it not only a fantastic story, but also in a way that, implicitly, leads us closer to a Christian worldview.

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